Our mission, vision, and values

Our Mission:

     What We Do


We are a fellowship of people who: honor the WORD, WORSHIP the Lord, rely on PRAYER, and LIVE OUT OUR FAITH in the world.

Our Vision:

     How We Live Out Our Mission


We believe that God has called and equipped The Journey Church to be a place of Hope and Joy for the people of greater Traverse City, regardless of their past or current circumstances.

Our Values:

     Why We Do What We Do


We believe the Bible to be God’s word, delivered to us so that we may know how to live in this world and get ready for the next. It is God’s primary means of communicating his will and heart to us.  Honoring the Word means letting the Bible truly be the foundation of our belief and behavior.


We were created for Worship.  It is our highest purpose and, when fully experienced, our greatest joy. It is our primary means of communicating with God our love for him. Journey worship will be God focused, meaningful and geared to bring us into God’s presence. 


Prayer is two way communication between God and the believer. We rely on prayer as our means of honoring our Father, owning up to our sins and shortcomings, sharing our deepest needs and seeking God’s help and direction for our lives. In prayer we expect to hear back from God by his Spirit, supplying insight, correction and direction.


We value a practical faith. We believe that the practice of our faith in our daily lives will make us better persons and bring greater satisfaction in life. Real faith lived out in real lives becomes our primary means of communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our sphere of influence.

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