Worship Center Renovation

We are in the process of updating our Worship Center.  This project will be completed in several smaller phases.  Expected cost will run around $6,000.00.  If you would like to contribute to the project, please mark your giving envelope with the words, "Building Project".  If you have time and skills to share, please contact project manager, Brian Martinus @ 231-342-6576 or brian.s.martinus@gmail.com.   Watch for workday notices below!

Phase One: Exterior Repair

This first phase will involve removal of the air conditioners and repair to the exterior walls.  Cost will be minimal (about $150.00).  The cross will be relocated to the center of the building.

Pastor Lyle takes the "take up your cross" command literally.
A coat of fresh paint and this part will be finished!

Phase One Complete!  


Phase Two: Interior Front Wall

Foam insulating panels will be used to fill the voids between the large uprights in the wall then drywall will be installed over the insulation.  The new walls will be painted a light gray with the uprights and trim painted a darker coordinated gray.  Beadboard or a sound deadening material will fill the area between the registers and upper wall.   Cost for the wall rebuild should be about $600.  The back wall of the sanctuary will eventually get a similar treatment.  

The "rain room" has become a materials storage room
First steps: Demo, insulation and lots of spackling!
Drywall and Paint nearly complete

Phase Three: Platform and Steps

The beadboard theme continues on the face of the platform and the risers of the steps.  A leading edge made of solid oak will avoid the frayed carpet look we are now experiencing and add classic beauty.  Carpet will fill in the upper surface of the steps and platform.   Cost for this phase will be $2,500 to $3,000.   

Phase Four:  Window Treatments

The window treatment phase calls for new slatted upright blinds in the angled windows at the front and back of the sanctuary.  They will be similar to what is now in the front windows with the advantage of being able to be opened and closed.  All other windows will receive new white faux wood blinds similar to what is pictured here.  Cost of this phase will be around $1,000.00


Phase Five:  Lighting

At this writing we are still trying to work out the best plan for this phase.  If you have any "bright" ideas....Let us know!