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"For God loves a cheerful giver."

At The Journey, we invite you to grow in your generosity. It is a critical step in your spiritual growth to become less self-focused, and in turn to become more God, and others focused. We invite you to consider how you can give in three ways - with your Time, with your Talent, and with your Treasure.
Time - First, we invite you to give of your time. This is your most valuable commodity, and we encourage you to give your time in personal devotion to God, and to serving others. Above all, seeking out people who are spiritually lost and introducing them to Jesus is the most beneficial use of your time. You can also give of your time through serving through the church, serving in your community in meaningful ways such as student mentoring, caring for the homeless, missions trips, or local government.
Talents - Second, we invite you to give your talents. God uniquely gifted you with talents and abilities. It is an important part of your role as a Christ follower to be developing your gifts, and using them for God's glory. Click here to take a step to help the church understand what talents you have so that we can provide you suggestions about where you can use them.
Treasure - Third, we invite you to give of your treasure, or financial resources. Jesus said "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” This is not because being rich is evil. God is very rich. It is because financial resources and possessions have a way of tying people down, and limiting the risks they are willing to take in obeying and following Jesus. We encourage you to combat that, and behave like your heavenly Father does by giving generously in some or all of the following ways: 
1. Faithfully supporting your local church. Click here to begin electronically giving.
2. Giving to people in need you see around you.
3. Supporting missions that promote the spread of the Gospel around the world


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